Go to Nydus if you like porn forums. This is a small porn site, and not many people know about it. However, they should. Here you can read smutty news and find some stuff that you can’t on other platforms. This is actually a German site, and if you know German, you can read everything in this language. But if you don’t, just translate the pages into English, you will still be able to read everything without trouble. The site is easy to navigate, even though the menu items are in German. It is called Nydus netzwerk, which means network in English.

If you don’t know what to do here, you will mostly just have texts to read. These texts are about various topics, and you should be able to also find movie streams. Unfortunately, sometimes you will have to deal with popups here. But it won’t be anything that will bother you too much, just close them. Click on X and the ads shouldn’t be a problem for too long.

The site has Start, Forum, News and TV Stream. The meat of the site are the news, where you will have the most content. The forums are a bit problematic because the design is not modern. Maybe you won’t know how to find specific things there. However, you will just have to click on the links and explore the platform.

When you go to their Forum, you will also see more navigation tools. They created some top lists of movies and sites, and these can be fun to check out. If you like movies, maybe here you find something that will grab your attention. You also have a section for erotica, if that is what interests you the most. However, it’s not a rich page at the moment, but the list of sites is long.
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