What is ExoClick?

To understand what ExoClick is and how it works, you need to be more acquainted with the world of ad networks. Whenever advertisers want to be connected with websites to host their ads, they can use an ad network, such as ExoClick. Whatever demands advertisers have, ad networks exist to make it happen. We have various types of ad networks – TV or print ones, for instance.

There are traditional media and online ad networks, but the latter type is better to many because it is easier and faster to target, track and report all the impressions. This market is vast and still growing, but in this article, we will only focus on ExoClick, one of the most powerful ad networks.

Why choose ExoClick, and not any other ad network?

Here’s the first thing that you should know about ExoClick. This is an incredibly innovative ad company, and there are many reasons to think so. The first proof is that it provides two channels that the advertisers will find useful, as well as the publishers. They have a part called an Ad Exchange, and it is adjoined with an Ad Network, which is the other channel here. But what does this even mean?

Let’s start with their Ad Exchange part. This channel enables publishers to earn money from their traffic. This is the most enticing part of the whole process to the majority of publishers, right? But here’s what’s really cool – you don’t monetize the content just because of the ExoClick’s ad network, you can also thank other ad networks, as well as DSPs. Just in case you are not familiar with this acronym, here’s what it stands for: a demand-side platform.

What is a DSP?

This is a type of software perfect because it allows advertisers to purchase advertising, and all with the help of something called automation. If you are in this business, you probably know about it, so we won’t touch on this matter now. If not, you can always Google this part to learn everything you need, and there are so many splendid blogs and sites that talk about these things thoroughly.

ExoClick is impressive because it serves over 8.5 billion geo-targeted ads every single day, and this is going to a global network that has around 65,000 web and mobile platforms for publishing. Now, when you see a number this big, this is an indication that these folks are doing something right. You can’t be this productive with a lame ad network, so at least we know ExoClick is remarkable and its resume is already jaw-dropping.

Wait, there’s more!

If you think this is everything ExoClick has to offer, you are wrong! Its proprietary software gives us more than 20 ad formats, all different and unique. You will also take advantage of their behavioral and optimized targeting here, and they have access to data statistics that are large and useful. Due to their strategic analysis, one can improve the ROI (return on investment), and the data is refreshed every minute. 

What’s incredible is how you, as a developer, can create your own software add-ons thanks to their platform application programming interface. Of course, this helps you with programmatic processes.

ExoClick is a platform that focuses on the dating market, and this was the idea of its CEO Benjamin Fonzé, and his brother Adrien. Adrien is COO here, and they are both big professionals with innovative ideas who know how to make the clients satisfied. Even the site created to promote ExoClick is modern and very professional, which you can see if you visit it. After all, if you want to read what they say about their company, you should do it.

Everything is a piece of cake here!

When you decide to use the services of ExoClick, you can register in less than two minutes, and this is always the same no matter what service you need. Of course, they have their own terms and conditions, and you will have to agree with them. Those who advertise should create a campaign. There are several steps to follow, and they are all explained when you go to their FAQ page.

The publishers have their own steps to follow, and even if you work as an individual, all you need to do is put your full name in the box of the company name.

The types of ads

This is what probably interests you the most! Here are the available types of ads here on ExoClick. popunders, pre-roll in-stream video, instant message, video banners, direct links, in-video ads, display banners, in-video banners, sticky banners, and native advertising. When you want to work with display banners, they have various formats available, from 300x250 to 728x90.

Moreover, you have both desktop and mobile ads, and if you are new to this, start with CPM offers! This is for a varied audience, and you can be creative with keywords, browser, geo-location, mobile carrier, device and language.

The benefits and downsides

The first benefit is stable CPM rates. This goes for all countries, except for Asian ones. They have cream of the crop rates, and it makes them so remarkable. Since they are focused on the dating traffic, this is your best company for it. The payments are weekly, and their referral program is a big bonus. However, their system has email support only, and you can’t contact them differently, so sometimes their responses are long to wait.

If you need good rates for Asia, you won’t have them here, so this is a big downside for people who need it.

The conclusion

Think about all the advantages and disadvantages of this company, and that should help you decide if you need its services. If you want an honest opinion, this is a first-class ad network that comes with so many perks. Advertiser, publisher or an individual, you have so much to do here and it is an easy and creative way to earn money! Hopefully, you won’t think too long about it.